How To Buy the Best Leather Laptop Bag In 2020

So, you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your style? You’re not alone. At some point in life, everyone takes a look at what they use and decide it’s time to upgrade from the cheap 'made for school' bag to something that conveys style, confidence, and class. But how to find the perfect leather laptop bag at the right price? This post will answer these questions and give you some inspiration in your search.

Types Of Leather Laptop Bags

Leather Accessory Store Genuine Leather Laptop Bag

The first thing to consider is the following question: "What will I use a leather laptop bag for?"

Most people fall in love with a leather bag in the store but then fail to realize what they'll actually be using it for. It will greatly help you on your search if you can be crystal clear on the answer to this question. Why is this important? Because the last thing you want to do is invest in a high quality leather laptop bag and never use it.

So, let’s cover some categories and examples to help you answer this question.

1) The Everyday Office Leather Laptop Bag

Leather Accessory Store Leather Laptop Bag

Let’s face it, for our day to day life the last thing we need is more complexity. So, the last thing you want is a big bulky heavy bag to lug to and from the office.

And, it’s highly likely you’re not taking a lot of stuff with you anyway. Don’t make the mistake of buying a big bulky bag with a thousand pockets in this case.

Instead, buy something slim and simple. For example, we love this basic leather laptop bag. There are a few key benefits of this leather bag to pay attention to. 

First, the material is PU leather which is a synthetic leather. Leather is combined with polyurethane to produce a product that has a top grain look but at a much more reasonable price.

Now, you might be thinking “hey I want the real thing”. And, we’d love to showcase our genuine leather laptop bags to you first, but that may not be in your best interest.

The simple truth is the more you use something, the more likely it is to get damaged and worn out. Do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars on a bag that you accidentally gash or get wet? For this reason we recommend going with a slim, less expensive, everyday laptop bag for office trips.

You get the look and feel (and all the compliments that come with it) and you don’t have to worry about accidentally scuffing it by closing it in your car door while balancing your coffee and phone at the same time. 

Our next choice is this leather and canvas laptop bag.

Leather Accessory Store Canvas and Leather Laptop Bag

This bag combines genuine leather with canvas while maintaining a slim design. There is an added bonus by using canvas. It can be dyed different colors for further customization to your individual style.

Lastly, it keeps the cost down by strategically using genuine leather as accents while using canvas as the main material. It has a lot of the same benefits of the other bag, however it utilizes genuine leather instead of PU leather.

Now, let’s go to the next step up which is a bag that can be used as an everyday office leather bag and can also handle business trips.

2) The Business Trip Genuine Leather Laptop Bag

When you start doing some regular travel, it doesn’t take long before you realize you need the right bag to do the job. It’s a huge pain to have to search through your bag untangling cords in an overstuffed laptop bag.

And, you really need a bag that can handle the travel and is classy enough to take into your meetings when you get to your destination.

That’s why we love this Genuine Leather Laptop Bag that we call The Essential.

Genuine Leather Laptop Bag The Leather Accessory Store

Now, we’ve done a full product review on that page to list all the benefits but we’ll repeat some of it here.

First, it has a ton of useful easy to access pockets to keep your stuff separated. No more searching, you’ll know right where to go. It also has space to carry most laptops along with noise cancelling headphones, chargers, folding umbrellas, and more.

The Leather Accessory Store Genuine Leather Laptop Bag

To summarize, this bag is perfect to handle short business trips as a carry on and is stylish enough to take into customer meetings as well. It’s a versatile bag at a great price point for a genuine leather laptop bag.

Last we’ll cover larger bags that pack in even more versatility.

3) The Extended Stay Leather Laptop Bag

The last category of leather laptop bag we’ll cover are bags that are slightly bigger so you can pack in even more gear such as a light sweater or rain jacket. Both The Professional Genuine Leather Briefcase and The Rugged Vintage Genuine Leather Briefcase have multiple large interior sections so that you can easily separate your business items from your other travel items such as a jacket or backup outfit.

The Leather Accessory Store Genuine Leather Briefcase Laptop BagThe Leather Accessory Store Genuine Leather Briefcase Laptop Bag

The Leather Accessory Store Genuine Leather Briefcase Laptop BagThe Leather Accessory Store Genuine Leather Briefcase Laptop Bag

These leather bags are perfect for extended stay trips because you can pack some of the overflow items right in the bag. This helps keep your total bag count down because you can shift some of the load to these bags instead of relying on a larger roller style suitcase.

The next section will cover a bonus category, leather backpacks.

4) Genuine Leather Backpacks

Sometimes even more space is needed and you have to keep your hands free. In these cases, a backpack is perfect. There are alternatives to the school style backpacks out there and it is possible to maintain a professional appearance while sporting a pack on your back.

We recommend the following leather backpacks to get this job done:

Vintage Leather and Canvas Backpack

Leather Accessory Store Canvas and Leather Laptop Backpack

A great mix of canvas and genuine leather to help you look like a true adventurer.

The Stylish Small Leather Backpack

The Leather Accessory Store Small Stylish Leather Backpack

This durable PU leather backpack is perfect for those looking for a smaller package while maintaining a high level of style.

Everyday Messenger Bag Backpack

The Leather Accessory Store Everyday Messenger Bag Backpack

This bag combines canvas with leather accents to give a truly unique appearance. You’ll love the look, feel, and utility of this backpack.

By now we hope that you have some great inspiration to go forth and make your next investment in a high quality leather laptop bag or backpack. If you’d like to see even more options you can always check out our other genuine leather bags here.